Bread baking


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When I was little girl, I thaught that bread is the thing, that you can bay in the shop. My mummy baked biscuits, tarts, pies. But never – bread.

Then I grew up. And I still thaught that bread is the thing, that you can bay in the shop. At least “real” bread – from rye flour. Because white bread from wheat flour – you know, it’s a bun. It’s not a bread, it’s treat. But to bake really good rye flour bread is complex – at least in my mind. Because – you need leaven, not yeast, and you need to bake bread in oven stoked with wood, not these gas or elektrical ovens. At least – such is my idea about REAL bread.  So, who bake bread at home? Only “Īstas latvju saimnieces” – real Latvian hausewifes, or better to say – mistresses!! Thouse, who have big home at country, big family, who know everyting about cooking, gardening, housekeeping, cattle and sowings…. Of course, I don’t know if there realy are persons like that. 🙂 But I know, that I am not real housewife, and I don’t bake bread. Until recently…

Actuaaly it was discussion in facebook latvian vegan group about bucwheat bread. With this recipe added. I was intrigued. One of the reasons I tryed this recipe was – because my mummy have diabetes, and I thaught that it must bee good switch for her from wheat bread to bucwheat bred. So, I tryed. And this is the result.


Realy – tasty bread. Little strange taste, but still – good. And I baked it in my gas oven!!

But after one such a good result, I have “hook in a lip” – I was thinking about others “untraditionals” ways to bake bread. My colleague at work told my, that she tasted a oatmeal bread at local market. So, in the endless space of the internet I find this 100% oats bread recipe.

And here is the result:oat_flakes_bread_AcornInThePocketTeasty bread. Very nourishing. And again – in my own oven.

I definitely will keep these two recipes in my note book!! I am still not a real latvian houswife – at least in my mind – not. 🙂 And I tryed something new!


Lucavsala, blossom and joy of work



This Sunday I was at… joint work?? I don’t know. In Latvian we have word – “talka” and thats means, when many people – friends, relatives, come together to do some work. For example – help harvest, help to move someone, help to clean, to do some repair work in flat, and so on… No payment, only helping each other.

So, I was at Talka. I found information about this event in magical place – facebook, of course.  I found, that there is festival in Latvia – Give and Get, in which I never took a part,  I don’t know, if I ever heard about it properly before. But there was information, that they have a garden in Lucavsala, and everyone are invited to help tidy up this garden.

Few words about Lucavsla… I live in Riga, which is capital of Latvia. Not very big city, if compering with London or Paris. Still  – something around 700 000 people are living here. River Daugava  flows through Riga. And in this river are islands. One of the island is Lucavsla. And on Lucavsla, almoust in the middle of Riga, are gardens. Small family gardens.  Actually everyone can go and ask municipalities for garden there. Isn’t it beautiful – garden in the middle of city, in the middle of river??

And so – I find out, that Give and Get  is asking for help to clean garden, and in summer there will be festival. I took all my courage (because I didn’t know anyone there), asked my mother to look after my kids, and went to help.

I realy have nice time and nice day!! Weather was beautiful. I helped with some work. And it was beautiful  – to do some real work in garden, not sitting in the office. Appletrees and cherry trees are blooming!! I was tired, but so full of energy!! And I felt myself so fine with complety strange peoples around me – every one was frendly and doing some work .

Thank you Give and Get!


Spring comes when…


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When I was little girl, and when I was loosing my buttons or have hole in my sock, my mammy used to say – clothes rupture when spring comes. In spring time it was somehow funy. Not really a joke, but it was like a good excuse, why clothes aren’ t in good shape.

And now – spring is really coming, and my sheets are tearing. Two of them.

I decided to sew them, like my granny would do it. Why? I don’ t like throwing things out and if I mend them, it will prolong their life. So, I did it.  Not quite perfect, but still…

I am looking at these photos and thinking – I need to learn how to make photos!!

Maybe someone can suggest free photo courses in internet?

If you have an acorns in your pockets…



I am human. I am woman. I will live. I would like to live wittingly.

I am native Latvian, and my mothers language is Latvian. But this blog I would like to write in English. Why? Recently there was one special event in my life and I find out that in English my thinking is more accurate, more honest. Thats the reason for trying to write in English. I can read and speak in Russian too, but Russian writing for me is nightmare. So, I choose English. I will use Google translator. 🙂 I will make mistakes. 🙂 Thats ok. I will be happy for reviews and mistake corrections.

I am mammy of two sons. I am accountant.


I think about so many things. About organic food and zero waste, about buying locally and living as a citizen of the world. About unicorns and rainbows as well as about birds and trees in my city, in my backyard. About stars. And wolfs and howling at the moon. About being woman, mother, human. About pain I sometimes feel, and happiness in my heart. My mind is so restless, but my heart is so big.  I want to share.

“If you have an acorns in your pockets, you will live long and remain active until old age” – I hope this blog will live for long.