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When I was little girl, I thaught that bread is the thing, that you can bay in the shop. My mummy baked biscuits, tarts, pies. But never – bread.

Then I grew up. And I still thaught that bread is the thing, that you can bay in the shop. At least “real” bread – from rye flour. Because white bread from wheat flour – you know, it’s a bun. It’s not a bread, it’s treat. But to bake really good rye flour bread is complex – at least in my mind. Because – you need leaven, not yeast, and you need to bake bread in oven stoked with wood, not these gas or elektrical ovens. At least – such is my idea about REAL bread.  So, who bake bread at home? Only “Īstas latvju saimnieces” – real Latvian hausewifes, or better to say – mistresses!! Thouse, who have big home at country, big family, who know everyting about cooking, gardening, housekeeping, cattle and sowings…. Of course, I don’t know if there realy are persons like that. 🙂 But I know, that I am not real housewife, and I don’t bake bread. Until recently…

Actuaaly it was discussion in facebook latvian vegan group about bucwheat bread. With this recipe added. I was intrigued. One of the reasons I tryed this recipe was – because my mummy have diabetes, and I thaught that it must bee good switch for her from wheat bread to bucwheat bred. So, I tryed. And this is the result.


Realy – tasty bread. Little strange taste, but still – good. And I baked it in my gas oven!!

But after one such a good result, I have “hook in a lip” – I was thinking about others “untraditionals” ways to bake bread. My colleague at work told my, that she tasted a oatmeal bread at local market. So, in the endless space of the internet I find this 100% oats bread recipe.

And here is the result:oat_flakes_bread_AcornInThePocketTeasty bread. Very nourishing. And again – in my own oven.

I definitely will keep these two recipes in my note book!! I am still not a real latvian houswife – at least in my mind – not. 🙂 And I tryed something new!