I am human. I am woman. I will live. I would like to live wittingly.

I am native Latvian, and my mothers language is Latvian. But this blog I would like to write in English. Why? Recently there was one special event in my life and I find out that in English my thinking is more accurate, more honest. Thats the reason for trying to write in English. I can read and speak in Russian too, but Russian writing for me is nightmare. So, I choose English. I will use Google translator. 🙂 I will make mistakes. 🙂 Thats ok. I will be happy for reviews and mistake corrections.

I am mammy of two sons. I am accountant.


I think about so many things. About organic food and zero waste, about buying locally and living as a citizen of the world. About unicorns and rainbows. About birds and trees in my city, in my backyard. About stars. And wolfs and howling at the moon. About being woman, mother, human. About pain I sometimes feel, and happiness in my heart. My mind is so restless, but my heart is so big.

“If you have an acorns in your pockets, you will live long and remain active until old age” – I hope this blog will live for long.


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